Mindwell Meditation App Launches, Empowering Anyone to Master Their Mood

By employing ancient scientific tones and frequencies, Monclarity’s new Mindwell app delivers personally optimized meditations to achieve desired mental state

June 20, 2019 – Burlingame, CA – Monclarity, the mind, body, and soul technology company, today launched meditation app, Mindwell, enabling anyone to receive the benefit of meditation, relaxation, and energization. Mindwell is the first meditation app that combines the science of ancient tones and proprietary algorithms to deliver the best curated meditations to achieve a desired mood state. By blending isochronic tones, solfeggio frequencies, and spoken guidance, the app is able to deliver a collection of over 350 unique tracks including a section devoted to sleep and Auto Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), resulting in a rich universe of meditations to help individuals with their creativity, focus, and mindfulness. The Mindwell app is available for download here: https://mindwell.app.link/fNl8y5yqCX

The app is designed to introduce the benefits meditation into daily life, enhancing mental hygiene and allowing users to better recover from stressful, angry, or upsetting moments. Mindwell has created an extensive library of guides that can apply to any emotional state; with series ranging from the journey of childbirth, dealing with difficult situations, relationships, and personal growth. Through their “MoodShift™” feature, Mindwell is able to map an individual’s mood over time, enabling state-of-mind tracking and allowing anyone to select their desired mood and measure their progress over time. The interactive feature works by the user selecting their current state of mind on a mood grid and drawing a direct line to how they wish to feel going forward.  Through continuous feedback, Mindwell’s proprietary algorithms are able learn which customized playlists establish a new baseline mood for every user.  The algorithm knows how to assess the emotional state of the individual, how different emotions are interconnected, and the long-term impact of guided programming on mental well-being.

“This is the meditation app for people who don’t practice meditation or find the whole idea intimidating,” said Monclarity CEO and Founder Anatoly Tikhman. “We’ve made the experience approachable and interactive so anyone can not only feel the benefit, but also quantify it for the first time through MoodShift.  Meditation isn’t just about calming yourself down or getting to sleep; it’s about taking charge of how you want to feel.”

“Most meditation apps are limited to mind over body, whereas Mindwell’s use of ancient frequencies is designed to have added effect on body and brain, which has been shown to influence your mind,” said Monclarity’s Head of Mindfulness Stewart Lane. “Whether it’s a Gregorian chant or the sound of a concert cellist, certain tones produce a physical response that immediately grab your attention and change your state of mind. We’ve subtly overlaid these ambient tones throughout our musical tracks and voiceovers to elicit specific responses designed to achieve desired mood states.”

The free version of the app provides MoodShift at no cost along with a personalized daily meditation, 7 days of basic mediations, S.O.S., the first meditation in every category, and a preview of every track within the app. Early adopters can access all content at an introductory rate of $9.99/month or an annual subscription of $49.99. Mindwell is now available on the App Store and Google Play with other platforms launching soon.  For more information, please visit: https://www.mindwell.live/

About Monclarity

Monclarity is a unique marriage of technology, creativity, and neuroscience. The Monclarity team is the creator of numerous titles including Brainwell, a brain workout app that trains memory, attention, problem solving, language, and visual skills. Power Your Mind, Challenge Your Brain, Enhance Your Life. Monclarity is headquartered in Burlingame, CA. Monclarity CEO Anatoly Tikhman has more than 20 years of experience developing and marketing innovative consumer software in areas including speech recognition, biometrics, lossless data compression, and more.  Mr. Tikhman’s ventures have been acquired by public companies including Microsoft, Quarterdeck, Symantec, and Vasco.

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